Priscilla Johnson


Where it all began… I was born in DC but lived in Orlando for 12 years while growing up. We moved back to MD in 2004 and I started high school. I played volleyball in high school and then for one year in college. I graduated with an Associated in Business at Howard Community College.

I have been in the physical training industry since 2013 when I first started a group fitness class. I wanted to bring people together to work out because I knew that group environments motivated others. That’s when I started a group called “Beast Mode”. We met at 6 AM every Saturday, and I watched it grow each week through word of mouth.

I love to watch everyone’s confidence grow knowing that they are feeling great inside and out.

I enjoy helping people with their goals and their personal journey. I believe any fitness transformation begins on the inside: it’s a mental game much more than a physical one. I love to watch my clients as their confidence grows. It’s very rewarding to see them smile so hard you can feel their heart smile. I love celebrating small and big accomplishments with them, as there’s no goal too small. I get to know every person I work with very well and together, we create a safe and positive environment where they can be themselves!

Two more things about me:

When I saw that I could bring people together I knew I was on to something.


How do you stay motivated?

I remind myself of my goals: to be healthy and agile throughout life.

How often do you workout?

I try to shoot for 3-5x a week. Some weeks it’s more; others, less.

How many rest days should someone take in a week?

I recommend really listening to your body. Is it sore, are you tired, has work/life been stressful this week? Those are the types of questions I ask myself. When you workout, you should feel healthy – both physically and mentally.

When do you make time to cook?

I usually cook over the weekend, since that’s when I have the most free time. I’ll go grocery shopping during the week and then cook over the weekend, and if I wasn’t able to do it, then I’ll schedule it during the week.

When do you make time to workout?

Life can be very busy and sometimes overwhelming, but what helps me stay on track is making a schedule and sticking to it. If I keep missing it, I know I need to make a new schedule to make it work!